Sunday, January 11, 2009

One is a lonely number

So, did you all see this little project from A Soft Place to Land?

Here's my attempt at the easy no-sew pillow cover. (I got the fabric at Michael's a while back. It was just two small squares that I really didn't have a plan for.)

I like how it turned out especially since I no sew . Here she is in her new home.

And what's that you ask...What is going on with your walls?

Well that is-the goodbye to Tiffany blue-supposed to be replaced with the perfect brown, that has not been found even after 1 gallon and 2 quarts-so we're priming all the walls white- even Hottie doesn't finish EVERY project in one day-walls!


Kimba said...

{Clap, clap, clap}

I love it! Your bedroom is beautiful...partially primed walls and all!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

lOVE your new pillow..gorgeous. cherry

Chris said...

You beat me to it! I'm SO copying Kimba's no sew pillows, too. Yours turned out beautiful! The whole room is looking great!