Monday, June 29, 2009

I like to grommet, grommet...

You like to grommet, grommet...We like to GROMMET!

I like finding cheaper different ways to do a project. We are getting a pool and want to update our back lanai to a Cabana style area. I first thought about using curtains as decoration when Nester and A Soft Place to land showcased their use of curtains OUTSIDE!

And so the search began...I found
ONE PANEL ($49) of an "Outdoor Curtain" at Bed Bath & Beyond. Uh...No, especially when I need four panels to complete the look. I thought about getting fabric, but I don't sew and wasn't interested in finishing the edges with my no-sew glue.

So whats a girl to do?...USE A TABLECLOTH!

I found an outdoor tablecloth (one that wasn't plastic or vinyl) from Target for $14.99! My kind of price.

Next hurdle, How to hang it? Remembering my $49 find and loving how it had grommets at the top; I just needed to add grommets to my tablecloth curtain. I found a package of 8, 1 inch "bronze" grommets at Jo-Anns.

Here is a link from their website that I tried to follow
but I ultimately enlisted Hottie to help.Step 1: Measure panel and space an even amount of grommets out...evenlyStep 2: Trace circle stencil (provided in package) to cut outStep 3: Cut outStep 4: Snap grommets together! No tools needed.Step 5: Hang in awkward place, like breakfast nook, because pool is not close to being done and you don't want to stuff it away in some closet.