Monday, December 29, 2008

My aHa! moment...

Do you have an area/place/spot in your house that you were/are constantly fidgeting with until....FINALLY you got "the look you wanted"? It may have taken minutes/hours/days, or like for me weeks, until it was just right. And then along game a glorious holiday and that area/place/spot had to be decorated for the holiday.

Anyone with me?

Well my mantle is that place. After we painted the walls I took quite a bit of time arranging and re-arranging it trying to get the look I wanted but not knowing what that look, looked like. phew! So before I started decorating for Christmas I took a picture (not because I had this grand scheme idea) but because I was going to post a before and after Christmas picture.

Well Christmas is disintegrating (into the attic) here in sunny 78 degrees+ Florida and as I'm trying to put my mantle back together I think, aHa!, I have a picture of my very own mantle.

Earth shattering, I know!

So ladies and gentlemen (do men read blogs?), here is my before...

and after...

Did you notice any changes? There are a few..

Previously, ordinary candles that were attacked by Mod Podge and Martha Stewart red glitter to be transformed into fancy schmancy Christmas candles.

Now, white Christmas candles on sale from Target plus a little scrapbook paper and tie thingy.

New, holder thingy. I know you bloglanders know what it's called.

I almost forgot my whole purpose for this post: Take a picture of something before you go messing it all up and Viola! you can refer back to it for your own inspiration (or, like me, for copying it exactly if you aren't always so creative).

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