Friday, November 21, 2008

A Blessing Mix

No picture for ya'll because...we already ate it all!

J got a blessing mix snack bag from school that was very cute. All the ingredients were mixed together and then this label was on the ziploc:

Bugles: Shaped like a cornucopia or Horn of Plenty, a symbol of our nation's abundance.
Pretzels: Arms folded in prayer, a freedom sought by those who founded our country.
Candy corn: The sacrifices of the pilgrims' first winter. Food was was so scarce that settlers survived on just a few kernels of corn a day.
Nuts & Seeds: Promise of the future harvest, one we will reap if seeds are planted and tended with diligence.
Dried fruit: Harvest gifts from our bountiful land.
M&M's: Memories of those who came before us to lead us into a blessed future.
Kisses: The love of family and friends that sweetens our lives.

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Chris said...

Well, my kids didn't come home with that. :( What a great idea!